Glasses Sumire Service Highschool

Glasses Sumire Service  Highschool

In the evening, Billy had to do something out for an hour or so, I changed into my nightie and started watching TV in my room, Billy came back, changed his clothes, wore a pair of boxers and walked into my room, he sat on my bed close to my legs, looking me in the eyes and saying “aren’t you going to tell me what did I do last night mom?”

Only then it struck me, and I noticed I was wearing another nightie, just as bad and as revealing as the one I wore last night, again, pantie less and braless, unintentionally, I glued my legs together, trying to hide whatever was showing, and I found my hands trying to cover my tits, an act that made Billy so curious, he was never as determined in trying to know what had happened. Although Billy was drunk, but he had overpowered me, he was so big in size, as I have mentioned earlier, he pushed me to the wall of our living room and started kissing me, I felt his hand going in between my legs, till he found my bare pussy and started rubbing it, while kissing me passionately on the lips, I felt as if I was losing control over my own body, that action by my own son was making me horny, and my pussy betrayed me by becoming runny wet.

Hentai: [AYA]Sumire service

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