Pretty Empty-eyed Cora 936 Hot Teen

Pretty Empty-eyed Cora 936 Hot Teen

hello my name is Joe I had been married for 19teen years then it came to a end from the time I was in my teens I had a thing for hairy pussy after my divorce I got into swing meet a lot of people an a lot of them love to tape they wife with a big black dick I meet one couple that was into bestiality they had a black Labrador she was a short light brown women he was white an they was really into it before she grew up on a farm so did he we was talking an I ask her when did she get into it she told me that she would spy on her mother in the barn with the two pony they had on her 16teen birthday she said while her parents was out she went into the barn and play with the pony dicks just like she saw her mother doing sucked on them till they came in her mouth she said she fill in love with the taste of animal she said she had not got fuck by the pony but she had seen her mother being fuck by both of them the last summer she before she was off to college wear she meet her husband he to had grew up on a farm and all so sew his mother an father with animal he told me I was having sex with his mother as a teen that's when he find out that incest run in his family his father had fuck his mother his mother had sex with her 2bother father an a uncle after college they got married an move to new York they got into swing an a group call animal lover there they find a dog the train to fuck human female pussy they had made me a few tapes of her an the lab so over the 2years we was together they had got me a dog that was train to fuck then his job was moving to Arizona I had a 190 bullmastiff lucky I join the websits an find two women here in new York I was have the time of my life when my sister oldest daughter was not getting along they was going at it like every other day my niece Kim was beautiful 5/2 130lb big tits a fat round ass I had never look at her like that till my sister ask me could she stay with me for the summer I said yes an my life has never been the same the 1st week was ok lucky was in love with Kim an he didn't like her boyfriend at all so he did not come to my house Kim had the day off from her job when I got home that day from work something fait funny Kim was looking at me in a different kind of way we sat up looking at a movie when Kim said she was going to took a shower when she got out an came back in the lived room she had put on a short bathrobe that show of her body my dick was getting harder as she was walking around that night I got a peek at her ass and find out she had a hairy pussy in the morning it was Sunday Kim got up an made my an her a nice breakfast but what was nicer her in that robe it was coming open an I could keep my eyes off her was bending over with no panties she was driving me crazy that night I had put up all of my tape so when I went to get one out to jerkoff to I notice they wasn't the way I had put them I knew Kim had find them and saw me fucking men wife lucky fucking women was my sex tape getting my niece horny do she want to fuck me an lucky I didn't know but I was going to fine out august I take 3weeks vacation I was putting my plan into play it was getting the 1st day it was a hot day I had no boxer Kim had shorts an a tank top her nipples was hard all day that night Kim ask if I had any bud she knew I did so I roll up a fate an we smoke about 3 l an had some cold wine we was getting so high it was like she wasn't my niece but a women I was about to get a good fuck from we was halfway on the second bottle of wine when Kim ask me if I had any porn I said what kind do you like to look at and what she said shock me I love to see you fucking them white women an there men are jerkoff I said how do you know about me she said one day you was at work an I had the day off when I got up I so horny and my pussy was so wet I got nosy and started looking around when I saw that box and open it I have been wanting to suck an fuck your big dick uncle Joe am sorry uncle Joe by now my dick was so hard jumping up an down a I run to my room an brought out the box with 55 tape put it down an told Kim to pick the one she want to see she was looking then she said this one it was the one I had made with a Latin couple they was bi she had fuck me with a strap-on as I suck his long uncut dick I put it in an it started there I was lick a hairy Latin pussy an her men is sucking on my big fat dick I look over at Kim she was moving around in the chair my dick was jumping I knew I was going to fuck my 18teen year old niece she sat back her eyes was wide open when got in back of me an aim her dick at my tight asshole and put the head into me an started to fuck me Kim look over at me and said my pussy is so wet uncle Joe I said can I see it she jump out of the chair pull down her shorts and stood in front of an open her hairy wet pussy for me and it was wet I run my finger down her wet split an rub her little clit she started to hump my finger harder an harder I push two finger inside of her an she came all over my fingers part 2 coming. 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Hentai: Empty-eyed Cora 936

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