Amateur Pussy Kimi Ni Todoke – Sister Princess Sucking

Amateur Pussy Kimi Ni Todoke – Sister Princess Sucking

Kelli screamed and he quickly covered her mouth as she cried and tried to get out from underneath him, her pussy felt like it was on fire as her blood dribbled around his cock and onto her thighs, down to the bed, he kept her mouth covered as he slowly pulled back and thrust all the way in again, she whimpered and cried everytime he did, feeling his thrusts growing faster, his mouth was lapping at her breasts and the pain began to ease, starting to feel good again, when her whimpers turned to moans her dad took his hand from her mouth, reaching down to rub her clit as his mouth moved from her breast to her lips, he could feel her already tight pussy begin to clench almost painfully around his cock as she got closer to cumming, he was now pounding her as hard and fast as he could, thank god her mother slept like the dead cause the bed was pounding on the wall, his thumb pressed down on her clit and Kelli bucked her hips up, her pussy clenching so tight her dad had to stop fucking her, his mouth over hers absorbed her cries as she came hard, when she began to calm down enough for her pussy to loosen around him he began to pound her again, it only took a few minutes more before he was cumming, slamming her pussy hard as he filled her up with his hot cum, biting her neck as he pumped his seed into her, making her cum again, her pussy milking every last drop from his cock. The night of her prom her dad was waiting downstairs with a camera as she finnished getting ready, she had a strapless black dress that only reached mid thigh and clung to her breasts, her hair was in an updo with a few ringlets around her face, her lack of bra showed her hard nipples poking at the fabric of her dress, she had silver earring and a necklace on, a blue flower on a bracelet and strappy silver heels, light natural make up.

Hentai: [Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] Kimi ni Todoke (Sister Princess)

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[福のれん (ユキヲ)]キミに届け(シスタープリンセス)

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