Morrita Macelene Dance

Morrita Macelene Dance

Rod knocked on the front door of the large split level suburban home, and after several moments the door swung open and a fortyish blonde woman ushered him inside and asked, “I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding us, we’re kinda out in the boonies!!!” “No problem,” Rod answered while giving the place a quick once over and removing his coat, “you’re directions were perfect!!!” As she led him down a long hall to a door that led to the basement she said softly, “I want you to really give it to him hard, show him what it’s like to get fucked by a huge cock, okay!?!” “That’s what I’m here for,” he replied as they entered a well appointed rec room, “that’s what I’m here for!!!” Sitting over at the bar on a stool was the blonde’s husband who by this time was slugging down his third Scotch and water, and after nodding his head to acknowledge Rod’s presence, poured himself another drink and asked Rod if he’s like one too!!! “Bourbon, on the rocks,” Rod replied while taking the other man’s measure, “I’m Rod!!!” The man handed him his drink and replied after taking a sip of his own drink, “I’m Art, and of course you’ve already met my wife, Carol,” who by now was curling up in a large easy chair on the other side of the room!!! “So,” Art asked after draining his drink, “what’s first!?!” Rod looked him over again, and after giving it a moments thought replied, “Take off all of your clothes, and make it snappy!!!” The cordial tone that he had used just moments before was now replaced by a hard edged voice that left little doubt that he’d better do as Rod said or there could very well be trouble!!! In a decidedly unsure fashion Art slowly removed his clothing until he was standing there totally naked, and as he nervously shifted his weight from one leg to the other, his pecker, which obviously had a mind of its own began to stiffen!!!

“Look at him,” Carol said gleefully, “he’s already getting a hardon, he can’t fucking wait!!!” “Oh shut up, Carol,” Art replied, “and mind your own business!!!” “My, my,” Rod chuckled, “we’re getting a little testy aren’t we!?!” “I can’t help it,” Carol replied, “I want you to show the big stud there how it feels when someone just rams a huge cock up your ass!!!” “Is that what you want, Art,” Rod asked while taking off his things, “do you want to get fucked in the ass!?!” Art was staring at Rod’s groin as his huge pecker flopped into view, and after making an audible gulping sound, he slowly nodded his head yes, and without even being asked, came over in front of Rod, dropped to his knees, and took him into his warm mouth!!!” Carol scampered over from the other side of the room to get a better vantage point, and as her husband sucked on Rod’s big head, she reached up under her skirt and began fingering her very wet vagina, and just as she was about to cum, Rod filled Art’s mouth with his first load of hot cum!!!

“O-oh my god,” Carol gasped as a little dribble of cum ran down her husband’s chin, “you’ve turned him into a real fucking cocksucker!!!” Reluctantly Art let the big dick slip from his lips, and after wiping the cum from his chin, he turned over and waited on all fours for Rod to take him from behind!!! Carol was almost losing her mind as she watched Rod slip in between her husband’s legs, and after spitting on his hand and lubricating the head of his pecker, he slowly pushed it forward until is was forcing itself inside of Art’s tight little bung hole!!! Art let out a long low moan as his virgin asshole was violated by Rod’s big cock, and as each inch disappeared inside, his own pecker became harder and harder until a blue steel hardon hung straight down from his flat belly!!! Slowly at first Rod began stroking, and as his little fuckmate became hotter and hotter, he increased the pace of his stroking until his dick was almost like blur as it powered in and out of the straining asshole!!! Carol again had her hand up under her skirt, but now, wanting to join the action, she shimmied under Art’s belly, and after a little bit of maneuvering, she managed to take his dick head into her mouth, and as she wildly fingered her drooling slit, she sucked her husband to a stunning orgasm!!! In most of these situations Rod pretty much managed to stay aloof of the entire affair, but seeing how excited Carol was and how much Art was into getting his ass fucked, his pecker turned from a mere erection doing its job, to a locomotive that was on the loose and out of control as it slammed in and out of the defenseless rectum until it had erupted in a torrential waterfall of sperm that filled Art’s poor asshole to the fucking brim!!!

After getting dressed and picking up the five hundred dollars that was in and envelope on the end table, the last thing Rod saw was Carol pulling on a huge strap on dildo and after coating the head with baby oil, she jammed it balls deep into Art’s now very need ass!!! After quietly letting himself out of the house, Rod chuckled and said, “The family that plays together, stays together!!!”


Hentai: Macelene

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